07 April 2007

Whoa. At Sunset, It Was Even Better

The latest in the continuing saga of "Dang, But It's Cold By Them Lakes Hey". These photos were shot with a Sony DSC F717, all handheld. (I thought about strapping the tripod to my bike but despaired of lugging the weight around; wish I'd done it!) The camera's metadata in these images will say they're taken in 2002, don't you believe it.

I submitted some of these to the Wisconsin State Journal, but since they ran a (much inferior, natch) ice-by-the-lake photo this morning, I'm willing to assume they're not going to run mine!

06 April 2007

Still Windy, Still Freezing, Still Gorgeous

These were taken at Tenney Park late this morning. This time I had the "real" camera, a Sony DSC F717. Most of these were shot at f/8 with the camera picking the shutter speed, all handheld.

Thanks to Jim for offering me file-uploading service in the middle of his (extremely busy) working day!

05 April 2007

Winter Washes Back Over Madison

After a couple of days of below-freezing temperatures and high winds, Madison's south lakeshore is truly surreal this morning!

These were taken with a Nokia N80 cell phone; I'm still not used to squinting at an LCD instead of looking through a lens.

The curb in the third photo is on boat-launch ramp, down which we once rode in a WWII Army Duck. To get the grass closeups, I had to walk down it, which didn't look like a problem, just wet concrete. But it was glass-smooth, wet ice over concrete, at a hefty angle. I suddenly realized that if I started to slide, I'd be in the lake, in those waves, with no way out but back up the same slippery slope. Eep!