21 December 2008

Solstice Party Prep in Pictures

Well, it's Solstice Party time again -- the day is upon us (Janet: AIEEEEE!).

As I've described here before, we do this every year, and it's the one time we attempt to actually be adults and fulfill our social obligations. So my Wife Of Many Parts, the chemist/skier/pilot/camper, suddenly raves all Martha Stewart and begins straightening, and cleaning, and cooking. Though really that last is an utterly inadequate term for what issues from her kitchen. (Last year an eighteen-year-old guest waved one of her chicken skewers and told her, "I'm planning to found a religion based on these.")

And of course the kids, bless their little hearts, are doing their level best to pitch in:

Today is a gorgeous (if very frosty!) Wisconsin morning.

But what's that peeking out from in front of the house?

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy! It's the Madison Water Utility!

Yes, a pipe broke somewhere on our block -- it was well below zero last night. So now Janet is preparing a party for 25-plus people with no running water.

She doesn't even appear particularly fazed by this turn of events. But, after all, if she were, she wouldn't be Janet.

UPDATE 12:15 CST: Of course the snowplows came by sometime after the water had soaked the snow, so they blocked our driveways in with slush instead of the customary packed snow. Since it was something like 10 below zero last night, said slush turned into complete cement -- about half a foot of it, absolutely impervious to a shovel.

I was looking things over with my next-door neighbor Brian this morning. He has got to be the world's champion schmoozer. When I suggested that the water-utility backhoe would be the very thing for clearing the driveways, he took the idea and a six-pack of beer and ran with it. Driveways now clear. All hail the water guys, and Brian the Fixer!


Water on.

Game on!



At 2:31 PM, Blogger Dithermaster said...

that's way more excitement than one deserves.


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